Welcome to the final part of my 'favourite products under £5' series of blog posts.
I have received a lot of great feedback on these posts, and I'm so happy that I have written something that you all seem to enjoy! 

As you have probably guessed, these are my favourite budget nail varnish brands.
I am not speaking about specific colours here, the polishes for the photo were chosen at random... it's the specific brands which I like.

Models Own - £5 I have spoken about Models Own polishes endless times on here, and I think you all know how much I love them. The colours available are endless, and they keep coming back with more gorgeous colours in their collections such as Beetlejuice and Hed Kandi (I loved both collections!) For the price, I find that the quality of the polishes are really great, and they apply really nicely. It is my aim, to one day have every single Models Own polish available!

MUA - £1/£2 I only own two MUA polishes, but I still wanted to include them in this list because of the amazing price. One pound for the regular line of polishes, and £2 for the Love Hearts collection polishes. The bottles are a little smaller than some, but still a bargain. 

Barry M Nail Paint - £2.99 I used to like Barry M a lot more until Models Own came along. I still find myself picking colours up now and again, but I tend to stick to the ones I know and love. I'm a big fan of the pastel shades, especially Peach Melba (photographed) and Mint Green. The best thing about Barry M, is that it is easily accessible to anyone, and for the price, you get a long lasting, highly pigmented polish.

Miners - £2.99 I think I have included Miners products in all of my posts in this series... I really do recommend their products to everyone, they're amazing and such brilliant value. I own lots of their polishes, some of which are really unique colours that I haven't seen from other brands. They have great choice, and the polishes last reasonably well on my nails.

Rimmel Lycra Pro - £4.59 (or £2.75 from me!) These are my newest 'find' when it comes to nail polishes, and I am addicted. I have found myself buying colours in these which I already own in other brands, just because of the quality and finish of these polishes. When applied, they dry with an almost plastic/rubbery finish, and last ages without chipping. The colours are all gorgeous, and very true to the colour in the bottle when applied to the nail.

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Please let me know if you have written any of these posts, or made a YouTube video on this. I would love to see!
I'm still deciding if I should do an ultimate favourites video or not...
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