Denim Shorts: New Look (old)
Bracelets: New Look

I look like a child in these photos, not too sure what was going on this day!

Maybe it's because I was wearing a top from the children's section at Internacionale! I'm a size 10-12 on top, and this is an age 14-15 top, so it just goes to show, it's always worth having a look in the children's departments for some bargains! Best thing about the children's clothes is you don't pay tax, so you always get a bargain! This was only £7.99!

The Sophie section in Internacionale is always full of on trend items that I want... I love the printed leggings and the blazers they currently have in stock.

I've wanted an Orange Circle T-shirt for ages now, which is why I picked this up... it's very similar. I really do like galaxy print, in fact I'm on the lookout for a galaxy print baggy tee, I already have a vest from Primark but want something looser and darker so I can style it different. Let me know if you've seen anything nice in the shops.

Although this isn't the most stylish of outfits, a vest and some denim shorts... it was comfy. Sometimes comfort comes before style! I wore my leather jacket from Topshop with this too, but didn't take a photo - oops!
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