Another Monday, another day off for me! Seems when you work in retail, you're more likely to get a Sunday-Monday weekend than a proper Saturday-Sunday one! I'm not complaining though!

I don't have much planned for today... I've been making sand castles with Elodie all morning and now I'm just going for dinner and to give my friend Lucy her 21st birthday presents. We were out on Saturday night to celebrate, and had so much fun. If you're interested in music blogs, Lucy has just started her own called Lyrically Beautiful. It's brand new with only one post, but I'm sure she would love it if you gave her a follow!

I'm heading to Leeds on Wednesday to the Nelly event, so hopefully I'll get to see some of you there... make sure you come over and say hello if you see me, I'm quite shy so I'll probably chicken out of introducing myself! I always regret not speaking to people though, so I will try my best to be brave!

Sorry this is just a short post, Elodie's wanting to go out now (we're both hungry!) I'll try and get another post up tonight! I have added a blog buttons tab to the top of my blog now too, so if you'd like to advertise my blog on yours, feel free to help yourself to one of the buttons.

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