Being a blogging Mummy, I like to read other Mummies blogs too.
Not only because I like to read updates on their children, but because I feel like I can relate to them, not only for their love of beauty and fashion, but for their lifestyles. 
It's hard to fit in being a parent, blogging and having a job, but these lovely ladies manage it, and it keeps me going too! They're all an inspiration to me.

(clockwise from top left)
Caroline from Sparkly Vodka - Caroline's daughter Chloe isn't much younger than Elodie, so I love to hear how she's getting on. She rarely features on Caroline's blog, but she is mentioned now and again between her regular outfit posts and beauty reviews. A similar balance to what I have with Elodie on here. I've met Caroline a few times now at events in Leeds and she's super nice, go give her a follow! 

Laura from Laura's Beauty & Lifestyle Blog - Laura has two gorgeous little boys, and another baby on the way, yet she still finds the time to keep up her blog! Her bump and pregnancy are about to become a regular feature on Laura's blog, which I'm really excited about reading. These posts will fit in perfectly with her beauty and lifestyle posts, where her little cuties Jake & Cambell feature regularly. Laura is another blogger who I've had the pleasure of meeting, and she's equally lovely!

Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter - Although Louise has made the decision not to feature her daughter on her blog or You Tube channel anymore, she's still a Yummy Mummy blogger! I love Louise's up beat personality and hilarious sense of humour which comes across on both her blog and YouTube channel! I'm sure most of you do already, but if you don't follow Louise, go do it now!!

Muhsine from Bubblegarm - A beautiful mummy to a beautiful little girl named Esra. Baby outfit posts are often featured in between beauty posts on Muhsine's blog, where she always looks adorable in the cutest clothing and handmade accessories.

Nicoletta from Nicoletta's Beauty Space - Nicoletta lives in a house full of boys (her husband and children), so uses her blog as a place to escape to a more girly world! She also has the time to make amazing homemade soaps and bath products which feature on her blog regularly. I've tried a bakewell tart scented massage bar from her company Marshmallow Blends, and it was good enough to eat... go and treat yourself, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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