Many of us will be jetting off on holiday soon enough, and will be faced with the difficult decision of how many swimsuits we should take away with us. To try and make things a little easier, ladies, today will focus on one style in particular which just never seems to go out of fashion... the bandeau bikini.

We investigate the history of this must-have swimsuit classic.
Before it became a statement swimwear piece, the bandeau was actually worn by burlesque dancers on stage in the 1920s (this must be why the style is synonymous with sexy!). It wasn’t really discovered as swimwear until the 1940s, during which the two-piece swimsuit emerged as ultra-trendy. 
By the 1950s the bandeau was celebrated for its ability to frame large boobs with optimum cleavage and yet simultaneously was popular with smaller breasted women –sex symbol Brigitte Bardot rocks this look.
During the 1960s and 70s the bandeau bikini craze seemed to go a bit quiet on the fashion radar, and instead the itsy bitsy triangle bikini took precedence. 
Thankfully, the bandeau came back with a bang in the 80s with stretch elastic fabric – these were known as tube bandeaus and covered your boobs and midriff – basically, a boob tube. Usually this was made out of spandex and aside from moulding your breasts, when wet allowed details of nipples to be seen – on purpose! This crazy trend was called ‘headlights’... we hope this doesn’t reappear any time soon!

It’s clear to see why this staple swimsuit has come out on top from decade to decade – it flatters most figures and there is such an array of styles to choose from. Add that to the fact that luckily, 2012 hasn’t been the year to bring back the ‘headlights’ craze, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Bandeau tips for any woman:
Horizontal stripes will suit the smaller-breasted females among us as they take the eyes across the body. Likewise, a playful floral print with a frill along the top of the bandeau will create the illusion of a bigger breast – hurrah! 

The bandeau is also an essential for girls blessed with a bigger chest – many are now under-wired which provides a great level of support. The bandeau comes with straps for extra support; and the halter-neck strap is such a holiday look.

With its timeless feminine shape that never seems to exhaust, and the fact near enough any print seems to go with this style, what are you waiting for?! Bag yourself a gorgeous bandeau that promises to live for decades! 

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid guest post.

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