Nails Inc: Wellington Square // Models Own: Fuzzy Peach // Barry M: Peach Melba // Models Own: Orange Sorbet // Nails Inc: Montagu Place

This is part 3 of my Top 5 Polishes posts, you can find my favourite green polishes and pink polishes if you click the links. I love to wear orange/peach nails in the Summer, a nice bright orange always reflects the hot, happy weather, and a nice cool peach fits in well with pastel trends and reminds me of ice cream! These are the 5 shades which I enjoy wearing most over the Summer months.

Wellington Square by Nails Inc is a bright pastel peach... if that makes sense? It's a gorgeous colour, and I'd go as far as saying this is my most worn pastel polish so far this year. It's ideal if you want to wear an on trend colour which still needs to be smart - ideal for work. Unfortunately, this is currently sold out on the website, but you can buy it here from Debenhams.

Fuzzy Peach by Models Own has always been highly commended in the blogging world. It is the perfect peachy orange, with red undertones, it always looks classy on the nails, rather than being too in your face orange. 

Barry M's Peach Melba (np318) is a must have polish for everyone's collection. It's much paler than the Nails Inc peach, and slightly pinker. Very subtle, very pretty and easily affordable.

Orange Sorbet by Models Own is probably the brightest nail polish I own. I really love this, it is the perfect neon polish! I much prefer neon orange to any other neon colour, and when you paint this on your nails, it almost instantly makes you look tanned! (Nothing worse than a nail polish that makes you look like you've got pale hands). I wear this on nights out with black and bright accessories for a dramatic look, and I imagine it would be the ideal colour for toe nails on holiday.

Another polish by Nails Inc ( my favourite brand), Montagu Place. This is quite a pinky coral tone of orange, one of my favourite shades for my nails. I'm actually wearing this one now, and I've had so many compliments over the past few days. I definitely think that Nails Inc is worth the money... you can't beat the quality and lasting power.

What do you think of orange nails?
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