Whenever it comes to clothes shopping, I always know where I am guaranteed to find dresses exactly to my style and taste; Dahlia. If I was rich, I would literally buy one of everything off the website!

Their clothes are so individual, timeless and cute, I really like the vintage inspiration and the extra detailing that goes into each piece.

I'm currently lusting over the three dresses above (I really, really want them all!) They're so 'me' and I know that I can justify having them all in my wardrobe! My mind runs riot when I look at them, with ideas of how I would style each of them to create different looks. They're so versatile, I'd be able to wear them for day or nighttime looks.

They are all from Dahlia's new Autumn/Winter collection which is based around vintage fabrics, embellishments, studs and sequins, and if you failed to notice, they all have collars!! Which makes me want them even more. (Although the first is a dress and a separate collared top, it just means I need to buy both!)

Which should I treat myself to first?!

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