The wedge is the quintessential summer shoe – strappy yet subtle, high yet comfortable, it makes the perfect choice for a picnic in the park, an outdoor concert or even a day at the beach. Now, though, there’s a new challenger to the wedge: the flatform. Flatforms made an appearance on last season’s catwalk, with haute couture designers like Philip Lim, Prada and Chanel all getting in on the act. They quickly filtered down into the high street, with stores like Next including the iconic new designs in their range of women’s shoes
So what is a ‘flatform’? Essentially, as the name suggests, it’s a cross between a platform shoe and a ballet flat. The idea is that flatforms have all the height-boosting property of platforms combined with the comfort of a flatter shoe.
Despite appearing in increasing numbers across the catwalks this season, the flatform style has yet to be adopted by a significant number of celebrities. Robyn is occasionally seen performing them, but wedge shoes are still the style of choice for the red carpet. They may not be as comfortable, but there’s something about a wedge that make them perfect for glamorous occasions.
Whether you’re planning on taking a punt on flatforms this summer or sticking with the tried and tested wedge style, there are certain trends that both type of shoe have in common. Bright colours and particularly neons – hot pink, highlighter yellow and traffic light orange – are currently super fashionable, and look fantastic on strappy heels. The great things about both flatforms and platforms is that decoration can extend to the sole, so instead of opting for a pair of traditional cork wedges go for muted straps coupled with a colourful sole.
Another way to spice up the sole of your wedges is to choose a bold print. Snakeskin or leopard skin prints always look fabulous – or you could experiment with the tribal and futuristic prints currently dominating the catwalk. If you choose to make a statement with your shoes then keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple to avoid looking overdressed.  

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