I've never really been a false nail kind of girl... between having horses and a little girl, I never really think it's worth the bother of wearing them.
However, when I first saw Impress nails popping up here and there, I became really intrigued. Mainly because of the huge selection of gorgeous designs and colours available, and also because they are stick on... no messing about with glue (a pet hate of mine).

When I was sent this set to review, I really couldn't wait until my next night out to get them on my nails. They look good in these photos, but in real life, they're even prettier. Gold, brown and black snakeskin design with glitter allover.

When the night came, I got myself ready and left the nails until last, applying them five minutes before the taxi was due to take us into town. With quite a diverse selection of sizes, I was pleased to find that there was a nail size for each of my fingers (my only grumble being the ones I chose for my pointer fingers were a little larger than I ideally needed). I had them all applied in about two minutes, you simply wipe your nails with a wipe provided, peel off the back and press them on.

I was very surprised (after my experience with false nails in the past) that by the end of the night, they were still completely secure, and even three days later after two days at work only one had come off (on my right hand pointer finger).
When I removed all of the nails, they came off really easily, and left my nails in normal condition - a massive bonus, as I hate the condition of nails once glue on nails have been removed.

I'm definitely going to pick up another pack of these for my next night out... now I just need to decide which design!

This exact design is available to buy from Amazon (direct link)
Other designs available from Boots and Superdrug.

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