I've always had what I describe as 'combination hair'... dry at the ends, and can get greasy at the roots. When I ombre'd my hair around two years ago, although I love the look, it really didn't do anything to help the condition of my locks.

Until recently, I had been trying to combat split ends and dry hair by using various conditioners, which, don't get me wrong, did help, but never made a long term difference. When bloggers started to speak about hair oils a few months ago, I became intrigued... (I'm no beauty expert, so used blogs to learn more) and I soon found myself searching for the perfect oil for me. I was sent this bottle of Macadamia Healing Oil Spray a few weeks ago, and I just had to share it with you all. I really have found a product that I love, and will continue to use in the future.

The oil claims to heal, shine and protect, and I definitely agree with all of these statements. I apply the oil (mainly to the very ends of my hair, then run the excess through from my ears down) after washing and towel drying, then add my heat protectant before blow drying and it leaves my hair feeling and looking sleek and soft... no more fly away or obvious split ends. It applies really nicely straight from the bottle, and comes out like a light mist. It's actually hard to believe that it is an oil, unless you apply it to your hands first. I have also been using it on my hair between washes; on days where I've covered my roots in dry shampoo, I spritz a bit of this oil into the tips of my hair when it's dry, just to add a bit of a shine and control to my hair.

If you have hair anything like mine, or if you have ombre'd your hair, I really would recommend that you give this a go. It is definitely worth the price, as you only need a tin amount of product for each use, and the spray rather than a pump or open bottle, means you don't waste any product.

You can buy a 60ml bottle from Hairtrade for only £9.79

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