I was recently contacted by Fashion Vouchers and asked if I would be interested in taking part in the BooHoo £50 Blogger Challenge. 

It's quite surprising how much a full outfit costs when you think about it... usually much more than £50! I really enjoyed the challenge of piecing together an outfit which I would actually wear, and staying within budget, and I'm very happy with my final choices - I would totally wear this!
I'm also really impressed that I was able to create a full outfit for £50 with all full price Boohoo stock! No sale items, no discounts!

1. Jersey Skater Dress £10 - This dress comes in black, blue and red too, but grey is definitely my favourite... this is a great transitional piece for between Summer and Autumn, and because it's so plain and simple, it can be styled in pretty much any way and will be in style forever.

2. Skinny Studded Belt £8 - This belt would give the dress exactly what it needs. It would sit on the join the the fabric on the dress to break up the grey, and the studs would tie in well with the tights and creepers.

3. Cross Tights £6 - I love a pair of patterned tights, they add a little bit of character to an outfit, and I'm loving the punk trend at the moment... can't got wrong with crosses!

4. Suedette Creepers £25 - I'm still wanting a pair of creepers, this plain black style is exactly what I'm after. I think they would be ideal to go with this outfit, the chunky shoes with the floaty dress are the perfect contrast for each other.

Total Price: £49 (Bargain!)
If you would like to take part in the challenge, you can do so here.

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