Dress: Glamorous // Tights: New Look // Necklace: New Look // Bracelet: New Look (old stock)

Khaki green is one of my favourite colours to wear at the moment, I think it's maybe because I've never really worn much green, I feel like I look a little different in it. My Dad and my Gran have always been quite superstitious about the colour green, so as a child I was never allowed to wear anything in any shade of the colour. I feel like khaki kind of compliments my hair and eye colour.

This dress is unlike any other than I own, it's kind of like a long shirt, but the way it hangs gives almost a pleated skirt effect. It's ideal for the transition between Summer & Winter weather, and can be worn with tights (on a none windy day) or leggings, or even jeans when it's colder.

It isn't yet available on the Glamorous website, but it is a preview of what's to come this AW season from them... so keep your eyes peeled, it should be on the site really soon!

I feel like I'm going to finally be getting back into the swing of doing outfit posts again now... it is what I enjoy most about having a blog. That is if I can drag myself away from watching One Tree Hill. I've never seen it before, but I borrowed season 1 and 2 off a couple of friends and I'm addicted!
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