While trawling the internet on payday, I decided it was time to buy myself some Winter shoes. I found myself on the USC website, and was amazed at what they had to offer! (I think I've found what I'll be treating myself to for the next 7 paydays!)

Not only do they have a huge selection of boots, their women's heels are all must-haves too!
These are my top picks from the website:

1. These remind me of the Topshop Ambush boots which I fell in love with, and forever regretted not buying. I definitely want a brown pair of boots this year and I love the gold zip against the tan leather... I think these might be the ones for me.

2. These are also similar to some Topshop boots; the Alba's which were out last year. I love the extra detailing of the leopard print lining - so cute!

3. I think everyone is after a studded, buckled pair of boots this year aren't they?! These are the cheapest I've seen anywhere, and are just as nice as any other pair!

4. I know Ugg boots are a love or hate thing, but I love them. I always turn to my Uggs in the colder months for warmth and for comfort. I have about five pairs of Uggs, but I still want the basic Short Chestnut ones. They're just classic, and I think they look really smart with jeans and chunky knits.

5. For a night out, I love a chunky heel. These are perfect for me! I really want to get these to keep for any Christmas nights out that I'm going on.

6. I love glitter, and glitter heels with a plain black dress make an amazing statement outfit. I really want these!

7. I like these so much because they're so different, yet still really simple and they would go with anything. One wardrobe staple which I don't actually have, but need, is a plain black pair of heels.

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