Lot's of my friends are getting married this year, and next, and when a wedding comes up, I always find myself really excited to see the dresses or not only the bride, but of the bridesmaids and guests too. If I ever get married, I know I'll be really excited to pick out my bridesmaid dresses... I love the idea of them all wearing the same colour but in different styles to suit their own shapes.

Picking out dresses for bridesmaids can be one of the most surprisingly tricky aspects of planning a wedding. Naturally, if you are the bride or groom or an immediate family member, you have larger concerns on your mind, such as the actual bride’s wedding dress, and planning the wedding event itself. However, it is important that the wedding party look nice too, and that the bridesmaids’ attire blends in nicely with the wedding ceremony and flatters the bridesmaids.

Shopping for these dresses is usually simple enough, once you have an idea. You’ll find plenty of different styles everywhere from elegant wedding shops to the closest Marks and Spencer, and you’ll be able to compare different options and speak to the bridesmaids about the decision. However, even with the knowledge that you will have plenty of choices, it can be nice to have a few ideas going into the selection process. So, along those lines, here are a few words on some very stylish trends in bridesmaids’ dresses.

Bows – Of course, the wrong bow can be somewhat tacky, but with a stylish, elegant bow a bridesmaid’s dress can truly shine. Not only can the bow itself look nice, but it can also help the bridesmaids to look more uniform, which is a great thing for the ceremony and for pictures. Even with the same dresses on, in all likelihood your bridesmaids will have different body types and sizes, and a bow can help to tie them all together a bit more.

Lace – Though lace is more commonly associated with actual wedding dresses, it is becoming more and more common in bridesmaids’ dresses, and can certainly allow for some classy and elegant looks. So long as the dresses aren’t white, lace is perfectly appropriate, and can even provide some uniformity with a white wedding dress, if the bride likes that idea.

Varying Styles – Because some women prefer certain styles to others, it is actually becoming a bit more common to have bridesmaids wear the same color, but not necessarily the same dress. This will likely make your bridesmaids happy, as it gives them the opportunity to express and flatter themselves within a certain sort of uniform, and it still keeps the bridal party looking lovely as a single unit.

Pale Colors – Particularly during the bright, warm summer months, pale colored bridesmaids’ dresses are always trendy. This may mean light pinks, pale yellows, and in some cases even off-white dresses. Regardless of the specific color, going with something light and delicate is usually a safe bet, and can help to compliment the bride’s dress in a subtle but attractive way.

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