I still haven't made a decision on which coat I am going to buy this Winter, and due to the popularity of my previous Winter Coats post, I thought I would share these new favourites with you... please help me decide which to buy!

1. This is probably my favourite, it looks really warm and snug, and because of the colour it will go with pretty much anything. I love the PU panel across the top, it's a little hint towards the Punk/Military trend which is around at the moment, without being too OTT. It's also a great combo of casual and smart.

2. The most beautiful coat in the world, only problem being, I can't see it being very wearable. I love how they have used glamorous, gold sequins against the military style khaki jacket body, such a contrast, which works amazingly well together. Any ideas on how I can get my moneys worth out of this, please leave a comment and let me know, as I would love to buy it!

3. If only these sleeves were leather... I initially thought they were, and immediately decided that I had found the Winter coat for me. Unfortunately, they are made of a sheer black fabric, which for a Winter coat, doesn't really make sense to me. Such a shame, because I love the colour, and the folds and cut of the mac are so stylish. It reminds me of a coat Zoe Hart wore on Hart Of Dixie.

4. This is such a cute, vintage style and colour... it reminds me of my Grandad. It looks like it would be incredibly warm, and would definitely be wearable in years to come.

5. I'm very much drawn to this coat, the only thing that's stopping me buying, is that I had a burgundy coat two years ago, and it's still in perfectly wearable condition... do I really need two coats the same colour?! I love the peplum style and the slightly pleated skirt bottom to this, and the military style buttons make it look much more expensive. Similar to a coat I spoke about in my first Winter Coats blog post though, this is maybe a little too smart for everyday wear. 

6. Even though this coat is completely shapeless, I can imagine it looks amazing on. It reminds me of a coatigan... I really want to have a look at this in real life and try it on.

7. Definitely the least stylish of the bunch, but I assume this would be the warmest, cosiest and all round most practical coat of the bunch. With it being black, it would look great with anything, and would definitely be an investment, as coats like this never go out of fashion.

Which do you like best?
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