I always really struggle when it comes to Winter coat shopping.
It's always such a hard decision, which seems like a really important decision... usually I only buy one Winter coat, so it has to go with everything, and fit in with every style of outfit, every bag and every pair of shoes I'm going to wear. 

This year I am considering splashing the cash a little, and buying one smart coat and one more casual style, but it's still proving difficult to decide which to buy.

These coats are only a handful of those which I have been considering buying:

1 I have a bit of a thing for grey, especially when it comes to cardigans and coats, so I was immediately drawn to this one. I love the funnel neck and the block of colour along the bottom. This would actually go with pretty much anything!

2 I love the sand colour of this coat... I need to feel it in real life, but looking at it, it looks like sheepskin, which I really like. The leopard fur is gorgeous too, this would be so snuggly for the cold months, I just wouldn't want to get it wet, it would never go back the same!

3 I love coatigans, they're such a great idea for people like me, because I am definitely a knitwear kind of girl. Wrapping myself up in a giant, chunky cardigan coat sounds like heaven to me... until it rains. That's when this becomes a bad choice for Winter coat. I still really want this though, I love the colours and the huge hood.

4 Khaki and fur... (can't go wrong!) I really like the inner grey layer too, it makes it look like you've double layered. If this had a huge hood, it would actually be perfect.

5 Since growing up with horses, I've always been a fan of wax jackets. They're super warm, and now they're back in fashion. This one is extra cute with the ditsy floral print on the cuffs and lining, I love the contrast of the two fabrics together.

6 I had a mac a few years ago and loved it, so I would definitely consider buying a new one. I love the scallop edging on this one, it makes it just that little bit different to the rest, and I really do like little extra details like that... I would prefer this in black or navy though.

7 This is the Primark version of the coat that every shop is selling this year. I prefer the Topshop and River Island versions, but for the price, if I get one, I'll be getting this one. I really like the colour, I like the quirkiness of the 'leather' sleeves and it really fits in with what has turned out to be my favourite style this year. The only problem being, you can pretty much guarantee you're going to pass lots of other people in the same coat.

8 I love the skirt part of this coat and the way it flares out, although I would definitely have to try this before I buy, as it may not be the most flattering of styles. The bow belt which comes attached is really cute too. Very much like number 6 though, this is so smart, I would probably only want to use this for days off work or even for special occasions. 

Have you bought your Winter coat yet?
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