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For some of us, and I include myself in this group, hair that sprouts up like weeds in unexpected places can be such a pain.  I find myself fiddling with a thick and coarse hair on my chin sometimes when I am deep in thought and I have to rush for the tweezers before it turns into something that ZZ Top would be proud of.  I gave it a lot of thought and decided that something more permanent had to be done to rid me of these sentries on certain parts of my body as they were now much coarser and darker than when I was in my youth.  I even had several sprouting out of my breasts which prompted me to delve into the world of hair removal.

I first went the way of depilatory creams that burn the hair off at skin level.  Although it worked to some degree, the smell of the cream, even the scented variety, was hard to be rid of so this procedure could not be done just before going out on a hot date!  I ticked this method off the list quite quickly.

Next on the list was the wax strips for small areas of hair removal.  I found these to be good for removing stray eyebrow or lip hair but it left a red mark.  Again, if going out was on the agenda, a red top lip or swollen eyelid area was not really a good look.

Plucking and tweezing had been tried before but echoes of my mother’s word’s came back to me.  ‘Two will grow where one came out’ was her favourite war cry so this tended to put me off this method.  I turned then to sugaring, waxing and threading for an answer.

Sugaring is literally buffing the hair off the skin and this also gave the skin a tone up as well.  It got rid of the dead skin cells but could be a little tender for a while afterwards.  Professional waxing, using hot wax and strips of cloth, is common for pubic areas and for men who want to be rid of back or chest hair.  The screams of pain from the salons put me off before I went in!

The last and more permanent method of hair removal I tried was electrolysis.  Now this one is not cheap by any standards and it does take several sessions to catch all those stray weeds, but it is permanent so this is something to be considered.

A wand type instrument with a needle on the end is inserted down the hair follicle (ouch) and a zap of electricity is given.  This destroys the root of the hair – usually the first time round – so that it cannot grow back.  Numbing cream can be applied first to lessen the degree of pain.  The only down side is that certain areas, like around the eyes, cannot be treated like this.  Larger areas, like the back, would also need too much treatment so I don’t think this is possible.  However, for the face and neck, this is a great way to say goodbye to hair once and for all!

What do you think of these kind of treatments? Have you ever had anything, or thought of having anything done?
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