The latest Joliebox made its way through my letter box earlier this week, and I couldn't wait to show you what was inside.
This month's box is 'pure & natural' themed and is described to be your Autumn beauty survival kit.
The cold weather always affects my skin really badly, so I'm excited to give all of the products a go!

Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser: I've tried a couple of products from Balance Me before, and I am a fan. I'm not a big lover of the smell, which is very natural and 'planty', but it feels amazing on the skin, really hydrating and tightening... and that's just from where I tested it on the back of my hand.

Moa The Green Balm: I love things like this, creams and blame which work in all sorts of areas for all sorts of things... I'm going to give this a go on my eczema, on my chapped lips and around my nose when I've been out in the cold.

Jason Bee HealthierLip Balm Stick: I go through hundreds of lip balms, so this is a welcome addition to my collection. It contains lots of lovely sounding ingredients including beeswax and aloe, and the smell is amazing, it reminds me of the minty Werther's Original sweets... YUM!

Ritessens Exfloiant: This product looks really luxurious from the packaging right through to the ingredients. It contains Argan Oil, which makes me really look forward to trying it on my dry skin, and it's not tested on animals - which is really important to me. It's lovely to receive a big, full sized product in the box too.

Lov Organic Lov Is Beautiful: This is an organic herbal tea... a bit random for a beauty box, but I'll still be trying it out. I'm not a big fan of hot drinks (except for a cheeky hot chocolate now and again) and I've never even tried herbal tea before... I'll let you know what I think on Twitter!

Have you subscribed to Joliebox? What do you think of this month's offerings?
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