It feels like so long since I wrote a proper catch up post on here, I know these aren't the most popular blog posts, but I know how much I like hearing what other bloggers have been up to, so I'm sure a couple of you might be interested?!

I went out on Saturday night for two of my friends birthdays, and we all wore fancy dress. It was such a fun night! I went as a punk... you might have seen my photos on Instagram! (@thatspeachy if you want to follow me!)
I was at work all day yesterday, but I'm off now until Thursday, so I'm planning on getting lots of posts scheduled for you all. I've felt a bit lost not getting many blog posts up over the past week, especially when I've got so many products and outfits to show you, I just haven't had the time.

I'm still on the look out for a new camera, a couple of people suggested that I try a bridge camera, so today while I'm off work, I've been doing a little research into those. If anyone has one, please let me know your thoughts on which I should go for.

I was also wondering if you prefer blog posts or YouTube videos when it comes to hauls? I bought quite a bit of stuff in Primark and New Look recently, and want to show you all, but can't decide what to do. I've never made a video before, but I plan on doing it eventually! What would you prefer?
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