All dresses: Phase Eight - Collection 8

A couple of my best friends are getting married next year, so while I've had a bit of spare time on my hands I've been window shopping online for dresses that I can wear for their big days.
I love dressing up for a wedding, no matter what time of year it is... a day to feel glam and to share in someones happiness is such a great feeling.

When browsing the Phase Eight website, I came across their amazing Collection 8 range, which unfortunately is a little too fancy for the weddings I'm going to (I don't know any celebrities!), but perfect for anyone who is looking for something extra fancy to wear during the upcoming party season. I just had to share them with you all, because they're all so stunning!

I'm almost determined to get myself invited to a ball or big event just so I have an excuse to wear one of these beauties!

My favourite dresses have to be the first, third, fourth and sixth... okay I love them all!
The first is like an alternative Grecian Goddess dress, with the black and gold instead of white. It's so beautiful!
The third dress is so simple and chic, I love the fitted style with the fishtail bottom, and the little cap sleeves, this would make anyone look super classy.
The fourth dress is just pure glamour... I'd be very surprised if some huge celebrity hasn't already grabbed themselves this one for an upcoming red carpet event! I love the ombre effect fading the gold sequins into black, it's prefect for Christmas time.
The sixth dress is the 'prettiest', I love the colour and the contrast of the soft, sheer fabric against the heavy weight of the beading... just beautiful.

The best thing about these dresses is that although they look like dresses you would see worn by the rich and famous, they're actually much more affordable than you would expect, and they're available to everyone... yes, they would have to be a bit of a treat or a splurge for someone like me, but I think they are totally worth it!

What do you think of the collection? Can you pick a favourite piece?!
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