While browsing the Chockers Shoes website, I found myself bookmarking so many pairs of shoes, I decided to create a new wishlist post.

I was initially looking for shoes to wear to some parties which I have coming up over Christmas and New Year which is when I spotted the glittery stilettos and the silver glittery wedges (which have some amazing studs on the back). I finally decided on buying the gold sequin wedges to go with a black bodycon dress I have, which has gold baroque style stitching on it - these will go amazingly well with it (I'm so excited for them to arrive) and I have my eye on the black studded wedges for my New Years Eve outfit.

After discovering all of these gorgeous 'night out' style shoes, I had a look at the boots and fell in love with the velvet boots which are pretty much identical to the Topshop Allegra boots that everybody wanted last year, only difference being, they're nicer colours! I'd love both of these to wear day to day throughout the Winter or for Chrsitmas day.
I'm also loving the leopard print boots which are really similar to the Topshop Ambush boots and the incredibly impractical but gorgeous cross studded boots.

I want them all!! 
Have you bought your Christmas shoes yet?
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