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I love that embarrassing Christmas jumpers are in fashion this year, it almost seems that the worse the jumper is, the better it is! I think Christmas is all about fun, so I'm definitely going to be rocking one of these on Christmas day.

These are my favourite jumpers from the brand new FDAvenue (formerly Funky Diva) website. 
If you've ever used the old website, you will see how much the new one has changed, its now much sleeker and easier to navigate, with great photos of all of the stock.

They also have their own blog now, which you can check out here.

The best thing about it, is that the stock is all still really on trend (and almost identical to lots of clothes from the high street) and the prices are all still really low. Everything is so affordable - it just makes me want to buy more!
I'm definitely going to be shopping here for my Christmas going out outfits too.
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