I'm not sure how many of you watch Hollyoaks, but I'm a bit of an addict. 

Over the past few weeks Hollyoaks has been filled with even more drama, action and emotion than usual, including stories of love, death and bullying.
Hollyoaks have been the first ever soap to spill their programme over onto the internet by having a real life website which fits in with the current story lines available for viewers and fans of Hollyoaks to read and watch anytime they want.

The site called DocYou is a cross between Facebook and YouTube, with the high school characters uploading video diaries and commenting back and forth. It gives a real insight to the characters, as though they are real people, and if you're a big fan of the show it let's you see things which you would otherwise never get to see.
This week's focus on DocYou is about internet bullying, specifically anonymous users and the harm they can do. The character Esther has been getting bullied for a very long time now, and just recently the online bullying really started to begin... and it's going to get worse really soon.

It has made me think a lot about how this kind of thing affects real people all the time, often bloggers. Although I've never really had any 'hate' comments (thankfully), I know people who have, and I think it's shocking. I know bloggers who have been called fat, ugly, stupid, boring... it's all bullying and unfortunately it happens over and over again. It seems that anonymous users think that they have the right to say things which are hurtful and mean just because they are hidden behind a computer screen, when in real life and face to face they would never say those sort of things. The bad thing is, that in these types of cases (and as Hollyoaks is showing) the anon users are often the victims real life 'friends'.

Have you ever been a victim of online bullying? What are your views on anonymous users? If you are currently being bullied in any way, you can receive support or advice here.

Don't forget to check out the DocYou site, and don't worry, it's not all depressing! There are some interviews with cast members and some fun character videos too.
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