Yesterday morning, I was greeted by the most wonderful surprise on my doorstep.
A hand delivered box of Christmas Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Seeing as though these Chrsitmas themed doughnuts have only just been released, I considered myself extremely lucky and (after a quick photo session) I dived straight in to try them!

In my red and white Christmas style box there were four original glazed doughnuts, four Christmas Trees and four Snowman doughnuts... they all looked so perfect, and almost too good to eat.
It's a good job I said almost, because they taste even better than they look!

The original doughnuts are always delicious and whenever I go to Krispy Kreme I make sure I pick one of these up, sometimes I do think original is best.

The Christmas Tree doughnuts are filled with the most amazing tasting white cream, then dipped in milk chocolate icing and decorated with red, white and green sugar balls and a white chocolate star.

The Snowman doughnuts are filled with strawberry jam, covered in white icing and decorated with chocolate icing and a candy carrot for the snowman's nose.

They have all been devoured already by me and my family... they're just too yummy to resist. I was really impressed with both of the new doughnuts in looks and taste, and although I think the snowmen are the cutest, the Christmas Tree was my favourite... I'm going to have to do some research and find out if there is a doughnut available all year round which is filled with the same white cream because it tastes amazing!

These are such a great idea for a present or as a treat to take into work to share with your work friends before you finish for Christmas... I'll definitely be picking some more up when I'm next at the Metro Center!
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