Way back in August when myself and Ray held the Leeds Blogger Meet up, we were lucky to be sponsored by Personal Planner. Everyone who attended was given a code to create their own planner or notepad for free.

Seeing as though I have been an avid user of a Filofax for almost three years now, I decided to make myself a 'blog book'... a notepad just for me, to jot down any ideas for blog posts, things to remember, links to check out etc. I've only been using this for the past two weeks, but already it has come in so handy, and has helped me keep track of everything blog related... I actually don't know how I coped without it!

When designing the notepad, I got to choose images for the front and back covers (they have ready made templates if you prefer), the colour and font on the cover and inside page, the colour of the elastic band which holds the book closed, the colour and layout of the paper and the colour of the ruler. 
No two books created would be the same... I think they're brilliant!

If it wasn't for my Filofax, I would have definitely created a planner... they even do special blog planners. The planners offer a lot more options for design inside the book too. If you're looking for a present idea for a friend or family member for Christmas, I would recommend these over and over again.

Prices start at £8.99, and for reference the books take around two weeks to be delivered due to the fact that they are all individually printed.
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