I've needed a new camera for so long now, I'm super happy & excited to be able to say that I finally have one.
I went into the shop with a long list of requirements and ideas of exactly what I wanted.

The main thing I needed was a continuous shooting option - This makes taking outfit photos so much easier and quicker. I like to set my camera up on my tripod and have it taken my photos for me without having to run back and forward from the camera to keep resetting it.

I needed a good zoom - I go to quite a lot of concerts, and always take my camera... I like to have a good zoom so that I can take better photos.

The camera had to be handheld - I used to have a DSLR, which I loved so much, but I had it taken off me when I went to see Britney Spears and I never got over it! I decided to down grade to a smaller camera so that this would never happen to me again.

Lastly I wanted a camera which can record HD videos - I have already set up a YouTube account (link in my sidebar) and now that I finally have this camera, I'm going to start recording! I'm really excited... please subscribe to my channel and let me know what kind of videos you would like me to make.

This camera ticked all of these boxes, I'm so excited to start using it properly. I have a few scheduled posts with photos which I have taken on my iPhone, but as of next week, all of my blog pictures will be taken using this.

[Photos from ePhotozine]
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