As you may or may not know, it's my birthday next week, and I've already been lucky enough to receive my present from my boyfriend; an iPhone 5!

I was going to wait until after my birthday to share my presents with you all in a video (yes, I know I keep saying I'm going to make videos, but I am, I promise!) but I'm just so excited to receive this, that I had to show you it now.

It is very similar to my iPhone 4s, but slightly longer, the camera and screen seem to give better quality images and it's quite a bit lighter. I've only had it a couple of days, so I'm yet to discover all of the wonderful things that it does and I still haven't chosen a case for it. I love how it looks without a case, but I really don't trust myself not to scratch it, so I'm going to get one soon! If you know where I can get a nice one, send me a link, because I can't decide what to get.

I'm so grateful to receive this amazing present, but it left me wondering what to do with my iPhone 4s. I decided to have a look online at my options, and I came across the Music Magpie website. I have used the site in the past, to sell CDs but I had no idea that you could use the site for other things.
I was so happy to see the options; Sell Nokia, Sell Blackberry Curve, Sell iPhone! And I've been offered almost £200 to sell it to them... if one of my friends doesn't want to buy it from me, it's definitely going to Music Magpie.
The site is well worth checking out if you have anything electrical, any DVDs, CDs or games to sell, as you can get really good prices for things you no longer want.

Do you have an iPhone 5?
If you do, give me some hints and tips to help me get used to it!

Let me know if you do want me to make a video about the birthday presents I receive (if I get any! haha!)

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