Ask someone with small boobs, and they'll tell you they wish they were bigger... ask someone with big boobs, and they'll be wishing for smaller ones. Of course, this doesn't go for everyone, but as a general comment, I believe this to be quite true. 

I myself wish that I had smaller boobs, for many reasons... mainly due to the fact that I can't always wear the clothes I want to wear... shirts won't button up, or if they do, I'm left with the horrible gaping buttons (I hate that more than anything). There are so many lovely tops which I try on and they look terrible on me (literally sack like), then I see them on a girl with smaller boobs and she looks amazing... it gets very depressing. I also hate the fact that I can't just wear a vest top, I feel completely exposed and half naked in a vest, I'm so envious of those girls who can wear them and just be comfy and casual, and even more envious of those girls who can manage to go out without a bra on... that would be my dream come true, but it's never going to happen. 
Aside from personal reasons, I also find that it's hard to find nice, pretty underwear in my size... it's very easy to find plain, granny-esque, big strapped bras, but that's really not what I want. That was until I was introduced to Panache by Best British Bloggers

I was sent this beautiful bra and matching underwear to try and review, and I am so excited to share it with all of you, especially those who are in the same boat as me!
This set is from the Cleo Collection which comes in sizes D-J. Every set in the collection is lovely, it makes such a nice change to be able to wear something that's pretty and girly! 
Not only does it look lovely, but it fits perfectly too... I couldn't be happier with the set. I'm not going to scare you all away from my blog forever by showing you a picture of me wearing the pieces, but below is a photo of some beautiful, perfect figured beauty modelling the set (just so you can imagine how I look in mine HA!)
I'm definitely going to treat myself to some more pieces from the collection in the New Year when I have some spare money... I've got my eye on this set next!
It really nice to know that I will be able to shop here for underwear from now on, that I'll love the design, that the underwear will be the perfect fit and that I'll be getting high quality items for the money I'm spending.

If you're any bra size between a B cup to an HH cup, then there is something for you on the Panache website, I really recommend that you have a look.
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