I received this in a Joliebox a couple of months ago, and only just got round to using it... I always think that the best thing about beauty boxes is that you get things you don't necessarily need at that time, but sooner or later you become really grateful for everything to get in the boxes.

I'm not a big fan of poker straight hair on myself, I love it on others, but I really don't think I suit it, I prefer a bit of shape and texture to my hair. I do however, like my hair to be smooth wether I have it styled wavy, curly or straight with a bit of volume.

This lotion leaves my hair looking glossy and sleek, and when I straighten my hair after applying it, I'm left with really smooth, straight hair that is easy to manage and style. It also leaves my hair smelling really clean and fresh.
I haven't been applying it after every wash, instead I've been rotating it with my hair oil.
This photo shows my hair freshly washed and straightened after applying the lotion.
Screen Shot 2012 09 18 at 20 20 07