Fashion and styles change and there are times when you may wish to show off a different side to your jewellery. Whilst skulls and more gothic edgier jewellery abound in contemporary designer collections, the choices with luxury fine jewellery can be more limited. For a contemporary, bold and effortlessly elegant look, you won’t be a fashion footstep wrong with beautiful black pearls.

Whilst most jewellery lovers are more accustomed to the conventional white pearl, it can come as quite a surprise to see the much darker tones of luxury black pearls and how these can add a new dimension to an outfit.
Fashion is all about striking the right balance and the colourful Tahitian pearl necklace pictured would bring any outfit to life this autumn. 
These beautiful pearls are cultured in oysters in the warm saltwater waters found in French Polynesia, adding further to their exotic, out-of-the-ordinary look and feel. Their cooler hues and tones make them the perfect choice for women who are trying to make a mark with their luxury jewellery choices this autumn and winter. The darkest Tahitian pearls, sometimes called black pearls, are simply stunning with eveningwear, and will match the sparkle of a diamond gorgeously.

Often poorly imitated with pearls that have been dyed black, the look of the more natural dark colour, pictured above, is difficult to beat. If you’re planning a whole new look this autumn and want to experiment a little, these beautiful black pearls will revitalise your style and turn heads in the process.
Black pearls can offer something new to those that are used to the conventional white pearl, which is more usually associated with weddings, graduations and other formal affairs. With fine jewellery like this, you can completely reinvent your style with luxury jewellery and perhaps show off a different, but still beautiful, dark side.

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What do you think of these pearls? I much prefer them to white pearls, and I love the necklace in the first picture, it's stunning!

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