Finally got to watch Lucas marry Peyton on One Tree Hill... and cried my eyes out!
Delicious homemade noodles with prawns, sweetcorn and marie rose sauce - mmmm!
Wrapped up warm for Winter with Elodie :)
Can't stop wearing my creepers!
At work with matching lips and jumper.
Love my Stylfile... I'll be blogging about this soon!
Elodie the cat for Halloween
My favourite Illamasqua blush (blogging about this soon too)
Have you tried this Pink Lemonade Lucozade yet? It's gorgeous!
 Drama on the train on my way to the Metro Center
Elodie's cute little outfit on the train (and colouring in to pass time)
The lovely Christmas tree at the Metro Center
Steak & chips at Cafe Rouge
On the train with Elodie
Newcastle train station
Elodie's Winter outfit
Costa's Black Forest hot chocolate is my new favourite drink... try it!
Loving my fur to keep me warm (faux of course)
Out for a meal for my boyfriend's birthday... my delicious surf & turf
Baileys cheesecake for dessert
These giant Bourbons & Custard Creams are the best!

Again, this is more like two weeks in photos because I skipped last weeks post.
Also, have you seen the new Instagram online?! It's so cool... follow me here!
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