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It's so weird thinking that some of these outfits are from almost a year ago, some of the photos feel as though they were taken last week, and others feel years old! This is the first part, of what will most likely be a set of three posts, and although they're not entirely in order (I suck at editing and html, so I've tried to mix them up to keep the width of all three images as close to each other as I can!) these outfits are all from the earlier part of the year. You can also see that I played around a little with camera angles... I was never entirely happy with the 'knees up' pictures!

There are a few outfits here which I still really love; the neon orange New Look shirt is one of my favourite pieces I bought in 2012, as it is just so un-me! This time last year I probably wouldn't have been seen dead in that kind of colour, but as styles and trends change, I do tend to find myself trying new things and adapting them to my own personal style. I also really love the lace Topshop dress which I wore with my leather jacket to go and see Olly Murs, I've had the dress a few years now, but it's such a classic piece which I always feel good in. 
My aztec dip hem tunic became one of my most worn items over SS12, and I fell in love with my tie dye OASAP leggings, which started a bit of an obsession with patterned leggings - who knew they would be so flattering?! Maybe we'll be seeing some Love Sally leggings in next years outfit posts!
I wore my basic grey dress from Primark sooo much this year, I wish I'd managed to find the lilac version they brought out too! My dip hem maxi skirt from Internacionale was one of my go-to pieces for work over the warmer months, I also wore it to a Benefit beauty event I went to in Leeds.
Last up, I still really love the ditzy print playsuit I wore for Valantine's Day... I didn't think I'd keep the red belt on it when I bought it, but in the end I decided it looked really cute - especially for the occassion!

You can click the corresponding number to go to the full blog post about each outfit.
I'll be writing part two tomorrow (if I can be bothered after work!) or Monday!
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