There's nothing I love more than big hair, wether it's messy hair or perfectly groomed... if its big, I'll love it. This season, I've noticed a lot of big hair in day to day life (usually of the messy variety), in magazines and on the catwalk.

While looking into how to recreate these kind of looks I did some research into lots of different appliances which help to achieve the look.
Argos stocks Andrew Barton Volume Booster Hot Brush which sounds amazing. It creates volume and waves, but I would love to use this simply to lift my hair at the root. It would save me wrecking my hair by backcombing all the time! It also has different temperature settings, which is something I always check for with heated hair tools, it's definitely better to be able to set them to a lower heat to save from damaging your hair.
You can also get the Andrew Barton's Making Waves triple barrel hair waver exclusively from Argos which creates more of a loose crimped style, like a beachy wave. I've wanted one of these for ages now, I'm really tempted to treat myself! Such a simple way to create a really effective style.

What do you think of big hair? I remember the days when I thought that when it came to hair, the straighter it was, the better it was... that's definitely not the case anymore!

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