This is the last part of my Christmas Gift Guides.
I always find my Mam & Dad really hard to buy for. Do you?
If you're stuck for any last minute ideas, maybe these bits will be suitable for your 'rents!

Racoon Slippers - These are so cute! I always think that slippers are a must buy present for a Mum and a Dad at Christmas, and these are that little bit different, but still to most people's taste.
Biscuits in Christmas Tin - A lovely extra present, that anyone will enjoy. I'm sure most Mum's will find a use for the lovely tin once the biscuits are all eaten too!
Purse - It's always nice to buy something that you can see your Mum use, and a purse is a great present for anyone's Mum. I love the floral design of this purse, and the fact that it's really big and will have compartments for everything.
Cake Stand - I love cake stands, and any Mum who enjoys to bake would love one too. Even if your Mum doesn't bake... buy her this and she might take the hint to start making you cupcakes!
Trollbeads Jewellery - These beads are stunning. If you buy your Mum one of these bracelets, it gives you easy present ideas for years to come, as you can keep adding to it.
Retro Sweets - Take your Mum back to her childhood with a jar of her favourite sweets... I'm sure Dad will help her eat these too.

Retro Wireless Radio - I love these, they're so stylish! I'm sure your Dad would love to have this on his sideboard to listen to his favourite radio shows on.
Marvins Magic Set - My Dad had one of these years ago, and absolutley loved it, he was forever showing all the family his latest tricks. I'm going to buy him another this year... it will keep him entertained for hours!
Jack Daniels gift set - If your Dad enjoys a drink, this is such a lovely gift set. It comes in a tin, with two bottles, a glass and a measure... and it's on offer at the moment too.
Mug & Shower Gel - Kill two birds with one stone and get your Dad his yearly mug and shower gel... these come as a pair and are such an easy idea for a present... any man would use this.
Scarf - Perfect for this time of year, and available in any colour and design to suit anyone's taste.

Don't forget to get all of your parcels and cards sent asap so that they arrive in time for Christmas! Parcelforce last day for delivery is 21st December!
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