Christmas may be a time for family, friends and forgetting the diet, but it is also a time for looking fabulous! So cast that dodgy onesie aside - from Christmas Eve to the New Year’s party, here’s your comprehensive guide to enjoying the four days of festive fun in style brought to you by Simply Be.

Christmas Eve:
For some of us, Christmas Eve is the calm before the storm; a chance to relax before the commotion of Christmas takes over. But for others, it is the storm!
You might be heading out to that annual family Christmas party, ready to dazzle all those aunts, cousins and people you’d swear you’ve never met before by looking even better than you did last year. Or perhaps drinks with friends are on the cards? Will you be out on the town, partying like you don’t have to entertain your Nan from 9am the next morning…?
Whatever you’re up to, it’s a great idea to go smart and sophisticated. After all, Christmas Eve deserves a sense of occasion, but there’ll be plenty of time to descend into the slightly dubious depths of Christmas jumper territory tomorrow! Mid-length dresses in neutral colours are perfect, but neutral doesn’t mean you can’t have the glam factor! Look out for cream or champagne pieces with subtle sparkle, lace or fringing detail – all will have you on the fast track to elegance.

With a look this gorgeous, it’d be a shame to do anything other than full-on glamour when it comes to hair. Opt for a Bardot-inspired top knot and add a sparkly clip for party perfection!
Keep your make-up light and neutral (may as well make the most of that fresh face before Christmas’s excesses kick in!) but feel free to add red lippie if you want to get really glam.

Christmas Day:
Christmas day is a balancing act if ever there was one! You want to look fabulous but all that Christmas dinner needs to go somewhere! The answer is to opt for a classic outfit in a clever cut which skims your tummy and leaves you room to really get cosy with that glass of Bucks Fizz. An empire or A-line dress is ideal; look out for one with beaded detail to the neck to add the wow factor. Otherwise you can glam your dress up beautifully with glitzy accessories – chandelier earrings are perfect for the day’s festive spirit.

We can’t pretend it doesn’t exist: your Christmas jumper is dying for an outing, and why the hell not? Embrace its embarrassing snowman, revel in its ridiculous reindeer, just balance out the pensioner-chic with a flattering pair of jeans and the fashion world will forgive you.

You’ll likely be pushed for time in the morning (read: you won’t be able to stay away from your presents for long) so a hairstyle that is simple yet gorge is just what you need. Wash your hair the night before to save hassle, then use a festive headband to bring the glitz! Either tie you hair in a low bun and pull out some pretty face-framing whisps, or let your locks flow free in a tousled style. Just use a flexible hairspray and if your hair decides to misbehave during the day it won’t matter, in fact, it’ll just add to your look!

When choosing your makeup look, bear in mind that there’ll be cameras present! Cheat your mum’s photo album out of a few cringe-inducing snaps by opting for a timeless style – perhaps best to
sidestep this season’s penchant for mulberry-coloured lips and jewel-encrusted brows then, yes? A pink glossy lip is always a winner, and by avoiding dark colours you won’t get any lipstick disasters as you wolf down your fair share of mince pies.

Boxing Day:
And relax! Boxing day is all about lazing around, not doing a lot except perhaps dragging yourself out of the house for a walk, and generally enjoying a day off that frankly no one knows what to do with. Since you’ll be spending the majority of the day in front of the TV - who could resist a cheesy film about that jolly neighbour who turns out to be Santa? – you’ll need to go for comfort, but there’s no need to let style fall by the wayside.

Set the tone for your cosy day by pulling on chunky knits. Faux fur trims, elbow patches and oversized jumpers and cardies are big news this season, and for even more fashion points wear your comfy pick with a pair of leather jeans. Baroque prints are in, and their regal colours and opulent embellishments are perfect for the occasion, so why not look out for jumpers with foil prints or jacquard patterns?

A knit looks best with laid-back hair and natural makeup, so create some loose waves in your hair with a large barrel tong, treat your skin to a light tinted moisturiser, dust on a tiny bit of blusher and you’re good to go – all the way to the sofa!

New Year’s Eve:
Tonight will be all about no holds barred glamour! Whether you’re gracing several bars with your presence, or sticking to one party till the wee hours, we’ve got you covered. And we’ll show you how to avoid some likely mishaps on the way.

Get ready for the night ahead with sexy shapewear to give you a figure to die for, then show off those gorgeous curves with an elegant but suitably dazzling dress. The 1920s are a big influence on party fashion at the moment, so let the glamour and fun of the era guide you towards beautiful beading, shimmering sequins and feathery fringing. This look provides you with the perfect opportunity to wear a statement headpiece – how about a sequinned headband? – or go for ultra-glossy waves with a deep side parting to channel Hollywood glamour.

Makeup should be seriously smouldering on New Year’s Eve. Smokey eyes and nude or red lips are perfect, but to make sure your look will last way past midnight, you’ll need a few tips: Go for waterproof mascara, a 24-hour base with primer to help it go the distance, and long-lasting non-smudge lipstick – remember there’ll be 12 o’clock kisses aplenty!

Bring along a few handbag essentials to stay glam and comfortable all night: clear nail varnish is essential for stopping any nicks in your tights turning into full-on ladders, and a pack of blister plasters is perfect for when your new shoes – which you will have inevitably forgotten to wear in beforehand – start to rub.

Finally, you can expect the paparazzi (aka your mates wielding cameras) to be out in full force tonight, so keep a compact mirror in your bag for touch ups. This way, you won’t spend half the night queuing for the loos just to make sure they don’t snap you with a first class hair don’t!
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