- Got the new Olly Murs album for my birthday, even though it was pre-ordered it took forever to arrive! Haven't turned it off since it arrived!
- Hair curled ready to go to Metro Radio Live
- Loving that you can set a song as your alarm tone on the iPhone! 
 - One of my bars of Dairy Milk with Oreo that I received for my birthday (YUM)
- Trying on dresses in Topshop
- Floods!
 - Ricky Whittle calendar to keep me happy throughout 2013
- Chocolate Torte for my birthday dessert
- Wating for Olly at Metro Radio Live
 - If you haven't guessed, I'm in love with Olly Murs! Can someone send him in my direction please?!
- Being silly with Elodie
- LOVE this dress (blog post coming next week)
- Blogged lots over the past few weeks
- My favourite biccies
- New boots from New Look

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