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Finally, the final part of my 2012 in outfits posts! (You can find part 1 and part 2 by clicking the links).
These are all of my end of year outfits, from the past two or three months... all of my AW clothes, which I am much comfier in, and much better at styling (I think, anyway).

Some of my very favourite outfits of the year are featured in this post; predominantly the Geek t-shirt worn with my sequin leggings, it's such a mismatch of pieces, which shows the dynamics of my style, and just how eclectic my wardrobe actually is, and at the same time it was super comfy - what more could you ask for?!
I loved my outfit where I styled my burgundy shirt with leather shorts, it felt very 'me', and I was really happy with my Boxing Day outfit and my Christmas Party outfit (gotta love sequins!)
My Fearne Cotton dress is one of my favourite pieces that I've worn this year, although I do think it looks better in real life than in photos.
And I have to give a mention to the Caroline Flack shirt that I managed to snap up from Topshop before it went AWOL and everyone wanted it! It's not very often that I actually get my hands on something that ends up really in demand.

There is also quite a lot of repetition in the outfits... the leather look skater skirt from H&M which I have worn to death, the black tights (which I practically live in), and my shoes; wether it's my studded ankle boots, my lace up Primark bargains or my creepers. If you had asked my a year ago about creepers, I would have told you I wouldn't have been seen dead in them, but honestly, they are the comfiest shoes in the world and they go with everything!

Which are your favourite outfits of mine from the year?
Have you done one of these posts? Link me if you have!
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