Dress: Hedonia
Shirt: Internacionale
Boots: New Look
Bracelets: Internacionale
Tights: Tights Please

This dress is in the sale, ohhh my goodness, go and buy it! I absolutely love mine, and I can't recommend it enough, it's just pure comfort and style all rolled into one, so please get it before it's too late! 
Ahh now I've got that out of my system, I can move on with the rest of this post.

I also need to take the time to big up these shoes, they're really really comfy! Looking back on these photos, maybe they don't match that well, but clashing and contrast is all in at the moment, right?! And to be honest, they're that comfy, I'll wear them with anything regardless to whether they match or not! They're the perfect Winter to Summer shoe... I'll definitely be rocking them in the warmer months with bare legs and dresses.

Sorry it's a bit of a quick post today, I'm back at work after a week off and I'm still in go-slow holiday mode! Tomorrow hopefully I'll be posting about my favourite products of 2012 (finally), that's if you still want to read that?! Maybe I'm too late!
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