If organisation is your bug-bear, then these fashionable memory aids will make 2013 a lot less bumpy. We’ve picked some organisation tools that cleverly masquerade as really desirable fashion items, and they range across budgets. Take a look. 
Scallop edged satchel from A.s.o.s  (£60)

The scalloped edging on this satchel is beautifully on-trend. This is a bag that’s practical enough for work but pretty enough to come to the bar for after-work drinks with your friends. It’s the right size to hold notebooks, phone, wallet, keys, books, chewing gum and those many receipts you can’t seem to find the time to throw away.
Aspinal Social Diary (£35) 
Aspinal make social diaries in a range of pretty colours. Purple, pink, banana yellow and turquoise. We tend to think that having attractive stationary means we’re more likely to keep writing things down! You can also have your diary monogrammed with your initials.  Even though most of us programme our lives into our smartphone apps, a paper copy of your schedule is still indispensable. Plus, it just looks so good! 
Tag Heuer Link Watch (expensive!)
The Tag Heuer ladies watch is definitely a pipe dream of sorts! The most frugal watch in the entire collection (!), it comes in at £1,750.00. For your money, you get a silver dial, precision quartz movement in a 29mm case. It’s delicate enough to be a dress watch that would look great with evening wear, and sleek enough to be a watch you could confidently wear to work. 
Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for the new year. Whether you treat yourself to some pretty stationary or choose to spring for a ‘grown up’ watch (and a watch costing over one grand would definitely have to multi-task!)
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