Boxing day sales for me, mean one thing... a trip to Lush! I love Lush products at the best of times, but when it comes to the sales I love taking advantage of getting the limited edition Christmas products for half price. Unfortunately this year I was working boxing day, and the day after, so I was a little late to the party, and I missed out on a few of the gift sets that I wanted. I also had to settle for a small bottle of Snow Fairy, because all the big bottles had been snapped up.

I still managed to get my hands on some lovely things (some reduced, some not... I just can't help myself once I'm inside!)

Firstly I headed for the Snow Fairy, and because I had been beaten to the bigger bottles, I thought it was the perfect excuse to give the new festive shower gels a try too! Ponche smells absolutely amazing, it's made to smell like a Mexican Christmas Punch, and you can really smell the tequila in it! It's very sharp and fresh, which will be lovely to shower with in the morning to wake me up a little!
On the opposite side of things, is Twilight, a very mellow, relaxing scented shower gel which contains lavender and malt... I do have to say though, the lavender is't too overpowering, it's not a floral smelling product at all, it's very unique - I love it!
I also picked up a tub of Shower Jelly, which is something I have never used before, but I'm really intrigued by... I'll definitely be reviewing it to let you know what it's like and a chunk of Porridge soap; one of my all time favourite Lush products. It's full of oats and is amazing for exfoliating.
Last up, I got one of the last Christmas gift sets that was left in the shop. The one I chose contains a small tub of Dream Cream (which I love) and a delicious sounding soap.
I can't wait to use it all!

Did you get any bargains in the Lush sale?
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