I love having long hair, and I love my ombre style, but I have to admit that I'm starting to get ready for a change. I've had ombre hair for over two years now, and now that everyone is catching on to the trend, I feel like I want to move on!
Whether I will do it or not is another question. I'm a bit scared that I'll dye it, or chop it off and won't like it, then won't be able to get it back like this, yes I'm a wimp!

If I do pluck up the courage, I would love to have my hair chopped to this kind of length.
This hair is just perfect, but I'm not convinced that I'd suit it. I'm also not convinced that I'd be brave enough to go for such a dramatic chop... maybe I'll just chop my blond ends off first and see how I feel. If there are any hairdressers reading this, please give me some advice!

As for colour, I really like Kimberley's subtle ombre on the shorter hair, but as I said I want rid of the ombre, I'd quite like to go back a nice deep chocolate brown colour, or maybe even a caramel blonde colour... I'm so indecisive!

What should I do?
[photo credit Google images]
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