Dress: Internacionale (old) // Top (worn as collar): Primark
CardiganChiara Fashion (direct link) // Tights: Tights Please (direct link)
Frilly Socks: Internacionale (direct link) // Boots: Primark //Bag: Primark

Yesterday we finally got some snow in the North East. I say finally, because Elodie has been asking when it's going to snow since about mid November time. I purposely made time today to take some outfit photos outside, so I braved the cold to get these for you!(After the snowman making of course).
Unfortunately, my little 'photo spot' outside my house didn't have any snow in it, but I might experiment with locations and get some real snow photos for you tomorrow. You can see snow on my boots though, so I'm not telling fibs, I promise!

Thankfully because I was so layered up I didn't freeze too much taking these.
Seriously, how cute is the collar?! The actual top itself is just a see through black material, but I'm pretty sure I'll always just be wearing it under things, I totally bought it just because of the collar anyway!
I'm totally loving my snuggly black cardigan too (with studssss, I love studs!), I've worn this quite a lot recently, so I'm not too sure how it's not appeared on my blog yet! If you're looking for a practical yet fashionable cardigan - this is probably the one for you. I like how it's long enough to cover my bum, so I can wear it with just a top and leggings and feel comfortable.

I was supposed to be at a blog event in Darlington today, and I was really looking forward to meeting some new people, but unfortunately I was snowed in. Living on a farm in this kind of weather definitely has it's bad points! I hope everyone who went had fun though, let me know :)

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