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Jumper: Fashion Union (direct link)
Disco Pants: Glamorous (direct link)
Necklace: New Look
Boots: Internacionale

Another post with me wearing my hair up... this is so unlike me! I'm really getting sick of my hair, I just feel like I have too much of it, and it's time for a change. If I was brave enough, I'd be going to the hair dressers right now and getting to chopped like Kimberley Walsh or Mollie King (I'm in love with both of their cuts), but I'm really, really nervous! It's just such a drastic step... I do think I'm going to force myself to do it though, what do you think?!

Enough about my hair though... how amazing is this outfit? I absolutely love it! I want to wear it tonight when I go to see Olly Murs (excited much?!!) but I think I'll be too hot in the jumper :( 
The colours on the jumper are amazing, it's just so pretty in real life, and I've pretty much retired my black disco pants in favour of these ones. 

Are any of you going to see Olly tonight too?
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