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History Of Fashion

I don't get much chance to sit down and read, with having Elodie, and working, it's rare to find that bit of quiet time. When I do find the time, I do enjoy reading so I always make sure I choose a book I can really sink my teeth in to and enjoy. Sometimes I like to read quite serious books, sometimes I enjoy a bit of trash (I read all three Fifty Shades Of Grey books in a matter of weeks).

This is my current 'coffee table book', one that I can just pick up and leaf through while I'm having a bit of 'me' time and pick up again in a few days time. It's different from reading a story, or a 'novel', but because it's so interesting, I'm really enjoying it.

The book talks about fashion from decades ago, people who inspired and changed fashion, right through to current designers and their work... the photography in the book is lovely too, which makes it so easy to enjoy and pick up from where I left off.

What's your current coffee table read?

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