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Hair oil was something I never thought of using until last year, and now I just can't live without the stuff! 
This is the latest brand I've been using, and I'm loving it. 

With having ombre hair, I sometimes find the ends look quite dull and dead, but when I have used this, there is a noticeable shine to my hair. It also leaves my hair feeling really soft and nourished. The oil itself is very light and almost watery, so it applies and kind of sinks into the hair really well, and doesn't leave any of that horrible sticky residue behind. 

I have applied it to my hair both dry and damp, and find the results are equally as good, however I am always most impressed after applying it to my hair when it's dry, as I can visibly see a difference. I tend to rub a small 5p size amount between my palms for a few seconds, before applying to the ends of my hair, and then using whats left to run through from near my earlobes downwards. A little definitely goes a long way. 

The oil contains Marula oil, which claims to reduce split ends by up to 90% and I can definitely vouch for it by saying that it makes my split ends almost unnoticeable… not too sure if it fixes them though (I'm not sure that's actually possible?!) I'm not moaning though, if noone can see the split ends, noone needs to know they're there!

The oil smells really nice too, which is always good to know, the smell reminds me of a hair salon smell, kind of a high end, clean smell (that sounds so random, but I think you'll know what I mean).
I think the bottle and the packaging for this is really smart too, which obviously doesn't matter… but it's definitely a bonus.

You can buy this from Hair Supermarket. (This is the cheapest place I could find it.)
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