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I've been at it again... dress shopping that is. Well, not shopping, more like browsing and bookmarking for when I get paid. Bank have some gorgeous dresses in at the moment, and there really is no excuse for wanting these, no upcoming parties or night's out, just purely because they're pretty!

1. This dress is one of those that I'd love to say I have the body for, but probably don't, however this doesn't mean I don't wear cut out dresses... I simply wear a body suit or lace blouse underneath to give them a bit of a different look. I love the colour, and I'm really into midi dresses at the moment, especially when you're looking for something to wear for day and night time.

2. I love the colours in this dress, it's so bright and fun! It actually reminds me of sweet wrappers, which is probably why I like it so much. I'd love to wear this for a night out, especially in the summer with a bit of a tan and some chunky black shoes. I love that it has sleeves too. Until you actually look for a 'going out dress' with sleeves, you don't realise how hard they are to find, everything is sleeveless these days!

3. I'm just in love with anything this colour, and it's such a versatile dress. I'd wear this dressed down with tan sandals in the summer, or with my black pleather skirt over the top and some biker boots, it would look so cute!

4. I'm a bit of a denim fan, so as soon as I saw this I loved it. I like the elasticated waist (can't go wrong with a flattering shaped dress) and I love the black straps, it makes it just that little bit different to all of the other denim dresses out there and gives a bit of edge to a dress that would otherwise be super girly.

5. This is such a nice colour... I'd want to wear this to a wedding or to the races on a hot day. The little sleeves make it suitable for pretty much any occasion though, and I actually might get this for a christening that I am going to next month (christening's are the hardest things to dress for!) I'd also wear this to the pub with a black jacket and some spikey jewellery.

6. Last but by no means least the prettiest dress ever! I need an excuse to own this dress, I just love it.

Which is your favourite?
Help me justify buying number 6!

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