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Whenever myself and Ray go shopping in Middlesbrough we end up in Primark, even on days where we say we're not spending any money (other than in Nandos - obviously!) we end up coming away with the brown paper bags, we just can't help ourselves.

Last week was no exception… I put myself on a spending ban, which lasted about 5 minutes, which was the time it took me to get from the door to the jewellery department.
I did get some lovely bits though!

I picked up a lovely little bow broach from the sale for only £1.50 (I'm going to wear this on my collar as a little bow tie, and a cute cross hair clip.

Ray then pointed me towards some gorgeous packs of friendship bracelets which were so cheap; 3 bracelets for £1.50! I wanted them all, but settled for two packs.

I also got some packs of spiky rings (sorry I'd worn them before taking these photos, so I'm not too sure which ones came together) but they were £2 and £3 each.

I got two triangle necklaces, one which I had my eye on for a while and had gone into the sale for only £2, and one which I think was new stock that I loved with a cut out aztec kind of design on it.

I finally got my hands on a rose gold cross (I've been wanting one of these for ages now) for only £2, and I picked up a 3 pack of hair bobbles which have metal crosses and peace signs on, for only £1. I'm totally going to wear these as bracelets too!

I kind of unnecessarily bought another studded clutch bag (I already have the exact same one in black, and a very similar one in brown) in a blush/cream colour… I do use my others all the time though, so I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of this, and lastly I bought a back combing brush for £1 - which is really, really good, and very useful to have in my bag on nights out.

So yeah…  shouldn't have been buying, but everything was justified (ish!)
Have you got any Primark bargains recently?
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