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Top: Internacionale (direct link)
Leggings: Myo Fashion (direct link)
Necklace: Matalan (direct link)
Creepers: Own The Runway (direct link)

Another studded item to add to my ever growing collection (I think I'm verging on obsessed), although I don't actually have any other studded leggings, so it's allowed!

Because they're such a statement I decided to style these quite simply, with other shades of black and grey (and white if you want to include my arms and ankles!) and then tie in the gold studs with my black and gold necklace.
I seem to be wearing a lot of blacks and greys lately (with a bit of burgundy thrown in), but I don't think you can really go far wrong with a muted colour outfit, they always tend to be quite flattering. I just wish I had the abs to wear this top without the vest underneath!

Myo do some really cool patterned leggings, I think I want this pair next... but just FYI, if you're going to order any, it's best to go up a size, because they're really small fitting, they're really lovely quality and cheap too though, so definitely worth a look.

It actually started to snow just as I was finishing up with taking these pictures, I just hope that it doesn't come back and lay everywhere again, I can't be doing with being stranded! And apologies for the same expression on my face in every photo... this must be my 'I'm freezing but trying to look happy face'!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend... mine's been rubbish to be honest, but things can only get better eh?!
Only two weeks until the first FABB event in Leeds, which I am super excited about, and I'm going to see the beaut Olly Murs on Tuesday (can not wait!) I might have to get a campaign started to get him to follow me on Twitter... do you think we can get it trending? #ollyfollowtor ;)
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