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I've never seen anyone write a 'what's in my shower' post before, but I thought it was quite a good idea to show you what I'm currently enjoying using.

Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo - I love Aussie shampoos and conditioners. There are so many to choose from to suit all types of hair, and they all have an iconic 'Aussie scent' which is gorgeous. I picked this up from Boots in a 3 for £10 offer, with two other shampoos, but I'm really loving this one. I've never noticed a shampoo for long hair before, it's always more for hair type I thought... maybe I'm wrong, but I was really intrigued to give this a try. I've been using this for about two weeks now, and its really, really nice... my hair feels so soft and much sleeker and easy to control. This might sound daft, but it also leaves my hair feeling really clean, it's not weighed down at all with any leftover product... I'll definitely be picking this up again when I run out.

Lush Snow Fairy - I only have half of my little bottle of this left, and I'm so sad! I look forward to it every year and always try to make it last as long as possible. If you've never used this before it smells like bubblegum and sweets, so if you like very sickly, girly smells then you'll love it, and it's full of glitter! I could harp on and on about this forever... it's just amazing! Can't wait until December so I can buy some more!

Soap & Glory Flake Away - This is my favourite scrub to use in the shower, as with all Soap & Glory products' it smells amazing, its really thick in consistency and is jam packed full of very fine grains. My favourite thing about it, is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling dried out at all (which I often suffer with), it actually leaves my skin feeling quite oily and moisturised, which is so nice on my sensitive skin. This also scrubs off fake tan amazingly well. 

Treacle Moon Shower Gel's - I have two of these on the go at the moment; My Coconut Island and Warm Cinnamon Nights. Both are completely different scents, but both delicious, and definitely good enough to eat (but please don't eat them). The thing I love about these is that you can still smell them on your skin after you've left the shower and dried off. The coconut one reminds me of holidays and the cinnamon one reminds me of Haribo Starmix! (Unfortunately the Cinnamon one was limited edition over Christmas, but I'm hoping it will be back next year, for now check out all their other yummy scents!)

Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel - As you may have guessed already, I do love sweet smells, so this shower gel is the one very different scent I have on offer in my shower... it still smells beautiful though! This is Apricot and Basil which is very fresh, with a little bit of a kick to it. I always reach for this one if I'm having an early morning shower and need a bit of a wake up! It's really energising, and a little goes a very long way.

I realise that I've mentioned four shower gels, and although I don't use all four, all the time, I am a sucker for something which smells good! I guess I just like to be able to choose something to suit my mood, there's nothing wrong with a bit of choice... at least that's my excuse!
What are you currently loving in your bath or shower?
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