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If you're a lover of natural, organic skincare, then look no further… I have found a product for you!

Once a week I like to exfoliate my face with a grainy, but not too harsh scrub, and this is the product I have found myself reaching for most recently. 
I've been using it once or twice a week, just whenever my skin starts to feel a bit dull and needs a bit of a refresh. 
The exfoliator has quite a fresh, fruity scent, which I especially love when using it on a morning, it's a real wake me up kind of smell.
The particles in the scrub are rough, but not harsh in any way - perfect for the face.

I particularly love the fact that all of the ingredients in the scrub are natural, especially since I suffer from eczema on my face, I don't like using too many chemicals!

This leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth, which is just what I want from an exfoliator.
I have also used Angela Langford's eye cream which is wonderful too! 
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